Acumen — Responsive Magento Theme

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Little Announcement — Acumen for M2 PWA Studio is coming, and will be included with every license. Same design system. New framework.

Acumen is a powerfully responsive Magento theme. It was designed specifically for easy customization and to fit a wide range of stores. Its minimal layout puts maximum attention on products while keeping a clean and modern aesthetic throughout.

Demo Links

Acumen M1 Demo

Acumen M1 Design System

The pattern-based approach to design in Acumen makes it consistent and fast — but most importantly: easy to customize and maintain

Technology Inside

Acumen was built with the build tools that Magento should have included in M1 (and M2).

  • Gulp-powered build system for all frontend assets.
  • SCSS to CSS compilation with exquisitely organized code.
  • JavaScript is bundled per module for performance.
  • CSS is bundled for performance.
  • Custom linter rules for SCSS and JavaScript.
  • PNG + SVG assets are automatically compressed.

What’s Included

You'll receive a ZIP file with:

  • 100% open-source code (no encryption).
  • Every design asset (Sketch + exported SVG).
  • Read me (for quick setup).
  • Full documentation (as a Magento module, of course).
  • Full design system documentation with examples.
  • 12 months of software updates.

Made by Gravity Department

You know Gravity Department — the consultancy of Brendan Falkowski that's specialized in Magento frontend design and development since 2009.

  • Speaker 9 times at Magento's Imagine conference
  • Hired by Magento to bring responsive design to Magento in 2013
  • Consulted with Google on Magento's PWA planning in 2017
  • Won B2B UX award Magento Imagine 2019
  • Won B2B UX award Magento Imagine 2017
  • Won B2B UX award Magento Imagine 2015
  • Advisory board member for Magento's developer certification
  • 30+ mentions on MageTalk podcast (they've discussed eating me)
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$500 a year

Acumen — Responsive Magento Theme

0 ratings